Wisata Jember

Niagara Water Park Ambulu

NiagaraWaterPark-Ambulu-JemberCool and cold air to greet the body when they entered the hamlet village Langan Ambulu Jember, Eve fresh breeze makes the heart calm as in this mountain Pucak Water rides are the 3 types of swimming pool for children with a depth of 50 cm, for teenagers with a depth of 70 cm and for adults with a depth of 160. For tourists visiting Watu shoreward ulo incomplete if it did not come up first this water resort with the beauty of teak forests and the cold breeze that refreshes the mind, even though the new open date is 19 September 2009 cafe facilities, a swimming pool for children and adults as well as fishing ponds.

Manggisan waterfall

Wisata Jember Manggisan waterfall, located 35 km to the southwest of Jember, has a height of 54 m and produces water at the rate of 198 liters per second. The clear and cool water splashing over the edge of a stone cliff into the river below makes this waterfall a spectacular natural sight. Some visitors can make camps around the waterfall area. The local people sometimes provide a good place for fishing around the waterfall area. All visitors who visit Manggisan waterfall enjoy the beautiful scenery on the way to the waterfall. To visit Manggisan waterfall visitors can hire a rental car and travel there in approximately 30 minutes from downtown Jember.

Bandealit Beach

Bandealit is a beach resort situated in the forest area 35 km south of Jember. Nearby Bandealit, there is Sukamade Beach which is the place of breeding sea turtles. This beach is famous for the calm waves and the beauty of the flora. Bandealit is very suitable for the visitors who like off-road activities because the road to Bandealit is difficult to travel. In Bandealit the visitors can hike, fish and windsurf. The visitors can reach Bandealit by truck or rental car in 90 minutes from central town.

Puger Beach

Jember Puger is a tourist site which lies 36 km southwest of Jember. It is famous for auctioning and selling fish. Visitors can not only enjoy the beauty of the sea but can also see the traditional wooden ship ‘prau’. Every year the people around the coastal area celebrate the traditional rite of “Larung Sesaji”. These activities are performed in thanksgiving to God for safe passage on the sea, particularly by the Puger fishermen. Besides Puger Beach, there is also a beach which is more interesting called Kucur Beach. On this beach visitors can see red monkeys if they bring fruit or food. The monkeys seem very happy to welcome them. One of the native folk tales said that if the visitors hurt one of the monkeys, bad things will happen in their life. To get there, the visitors can take public transportation for 30 minutes after leaving.

Paseban Beach

Paseban is one of the tourism locations which lies 52 km southwest of Jember. The visitors can enjoy the splashing waves and the pristine white sand. Visitors also enjoy swimming at Paseban beach because of the calm waves. Foreign visitors often sunbathe. The people around the coastal area hold a rite especially for “Suro month” and celebrate by making a tent. The visitors can reach the area by public transportation, and it takes roughly 1 hour from Jember downtown.

Papuma Beach

Watu Ulo beach, there is a Papuma beach with its white sands that make it more interesting. The beautiful white sand is a pleasure to see and to walk on. The beach is always used as the place for sunbathing by foreign tourists. Besides the natural scenic beauty, it is also rich with creatures such as the lizard, forest cock, various birds, wild pig, deer porcupine, scaly anteater and many others. The scenery and atmosphere can be enjoyed more completely at a restaurant which provides Indonesian and Papuma food, a variety of baked fish. Visitors can reach the location by public transportation or via a rental car.

Watu Ulo Beach

Watu Ulo is one of the tourist sites which lies on the Indonesian ocean. There is beautiful scenery at this site and it is the perfect place to enjoy the sea. It is called “Watu Ulo” by the natives because they believe that in the past there was a snake who was becoming a spirit. After becoming a spirit, it became a stone resembling a snake, sticking into the sea with its body lying on the land. During the Japanese occupation, the Japanese soldiers made fortresses which were used for fortifying against the attacking enemies and now some of the fortresses have become tourist sites. Beside the Japanese fortress, there is also a bat cave inhabited by thousands of bats. The visitors can cross the sandy shore to get to the cave. The lonely cave is often used for meditation by visitors. However tourists should remember that the cave is 100m in depth. To get there, the visitors can use public transportation or hire a rental car. The journey takes approximately 30 minutes from downtown Jember.


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